CREOGs Over Coffee

Episode 23: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

February 24, 2019

Almost at the end of our STI saga! Only two more episodes after this. Today we will discuss pelvic inflammatory disease, and everything that goes with it. When should you hospitalize for PID? Should you surgically intervene for a TOA? Find out on today's episode! 

We also have a very special announcement. We are teaming up with the ObG Project to bring you more amazing content. The ObG Project is a completely free online resource that brings you clinically relevant information in a succinct and convenient way. Even more exciting, we are happy to announce OBG First: a resource that brings these clinical summaries directly to your phone via text or email. This service is completely free for fourth year Ob/Gyn residents for a whole year.

Follow this link to figure out how to get this amazing resource:

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